Party Animal has issued a serious recall in their line for 2 recipes, Cocolicious Organic Chicken & Beef and Cocolicious Organic Beef & Turkey due to the presence of Pentobarbital. Party Animal is conducting testing on other samples and we are all waiting for the results of those tests. As a precaution and the fact the Party Animal is co-packed at the Evangers Plant, which is the plant that had recalls in February for this same exact issue, we have pulled ALL Party Animal dog & cat lines from our shelves, even though we have not received any of these affected lots we prefer to be cautious and safe!

We here at WOOF! WOOF! do not feel confident in this brand at this time and will NO LONGER be offering ANY Party Animal to our customers. As you know we have very strict guidelines and Party Animal no longer meets our criteria…we want what is best for your pets!

If your dog or cat was eating Party Animal and you would like an alternative, please see one of our experienced staff to assist you in finding a replacement that is safe and healthy for your pet! @woofwoofri #woofwoofboutique #partyanimalrecall #cocoliciousrecall (at Woof! Woof! Pet Boutique & Biscuit Bar)