We often are asked why we don’t carry certain lines of food, or why we drop a line that we may have stood behind for years. The answers are simple! We do extensive research on our product lines, including where the product is made, the ingredients, the sourcing, how the animals are raised and slaughtered, who owns the company, were they recently sold to a conglomerate and are your pets health their top priority vs sell, sell, sell? We also look at FDA inspection reports and product analysis (when available) from the facilities where these products are made, are they what they say they are, are the plants clean and maintained to healthy standards? We constantly watch truthful & reliable pet food review sites for updates. There is a lot of time, research and staff consults before a line of food is even allowed in our store, some vendors know not to even step foot through our doorway because they do not meet our expectations.

Why do we do all this? Our goal is to offer your pets amazing foods through vendors that focus on product integrity & honesty vs products with lesser ingredients produced in dirty factories with multiple violations to make high profits. Food is not a money maker, at least not for us, profits are very low on food, but yet to us it is our most important product, so please don’t think we are making big dollars on pet food, especially since we try our hardest to keep it affordable for our customers so you can feed a high quality product.

This current incident with Evanger’s is a prime example of why we chose not to carry their food line. We knew of previous issues in the plant and quality problems and simply decided not to sell this line. Please read their FDA inspection report it is enough for anyone to see exactly why!

Please don’t get us wrong, there are amazing foods out there that we just do not have room to stock, and we tell you congratulations, great job if your feeding a good, healthy food, but when asked we will also explain the difference if your feeding a low quality food.

We do not care if you buy your food from us or another retailer but please do your research and feed your pet a quality food, if you need help we are here for you. Are you looking for a new food and not sure where to start? We have FREE samples of our FOOD LINES (even raw), we stand behind ALL OF OUR FOODS, if your pet does not like it or it does not agree with them just return the product for a FULL REFUND or change it for another brand or formula….your choice, no pressure!

Remember, a healthy pet starts from the inside!

The Staff of WOOF! WOOF!